Electrostatic Science

Last term we had lots of great News Reporter show and tell sessions. One of the presentations that got the students talking involved a balloon and static electricity. Everyone loved it so much they wanted links to more resources so here they are.

Happy holidays everyone!




Dear Grade 2s,

A friendly reminder that we begin swimming tomorrow so remember to bring your bathers, swimming equipment and towels as there will be no swimming in the nude. Also, be mindful of your classes swimming schedule and whether a lunch order will be a good idea on swimming days. Lunch is from 12:50pm until 1:50pm.

Swimming days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday during Week 8 and 9.

During Week 10 they are Monday and Wednesday.

Times are:

2A is going from 11:50am- 1:45pm 

2B is going from 10:50am-12:45pm 

2C is going from 9:50am-11:45am 

Goth Girl By Chris Riddell

Tired of all those books about a fairy princess saved by some handsome prince or those books with all those bright colours that are supposed to be aimed at a certain gender? You know the ones…well so are we so it’s great to introduce Goth Girl by Chris Riddell. A book series for all types of readers who just love good and exciting books with a strong lead character that isn’t just into fairies, looking pretty and bright colours.