Technology experts


Welcome to Week 6!

Grade 2 students are very engaged with their Rich Learning Project this term. They are in the midst of creating slideshows with a variety of facts about Australian states and territories. Tech skills covered so far this term include: sending emails, working on Google Docs and now Google Slides! Students are experimenting at home with siblings and parents. We can’t wait to see the end results.

In the meantime……..cats seem to be very popular in this year level!

Check out the great work by Nick in 2C! (Nick’s older brother Lochie helped him) and Harvey in 2C! (Harvey’ s older brother Elliott helped him)

WHY CATS ARE THE BEST by Nick-131uqbc

Flying Cats by Harvey-2io2ia2


The Word Spy

Have you read the Word Spy series yet? It was mentioned sometime during Term 1, so if you are yet to have a look at it, do so then! It’s a great book series that will help you with your editing skills, teaching you about grammar and punctuation and you will also learn about the history of language.

More importantly, there is also a great blog to go with it that allows you to join “The Word Spy Club” all for free. On this blog you can ask any questions you might have about the English language. For instance why does “ph” make a “f” sound when we could just use the letter F?

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and sign up and get asking : )  



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